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Nothing but nature.

FLORIDUS AROMA is a family-owned company bringing together many years of experience, knowledge and competencies, with the aim of offering natural skin care products on the market and helping customers with allergic reactions to preservatives in cosmetics or other ailments.

Given that we use We use natural ingredients from proven suppliers and preferably locally grown ingredients (such as extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed hemp oil, essential oils, etc.), we can offer to produce high quality products to our customers.

All products are plant-based with no harmful ingredients, contain no parabens or other preservatives and, thanks to various active ingredients, deeply nourish the skin, help with certain problems and allow the skin to maintain its health and beauty for a long time.

Production is in compliance with the regulations and standards of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. Manufacturing is governed by Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products and the HRN EN ISO 22716 standard, which guarantees: high quality of the product, traceability from the raw material supplied to the delivered product to the user, the health safety of the product, the application of good manufacturing practice.

We pack our products in aluminum tubes that ensure the health of the product and do not allow contamination and contamination of the product during its use, and after use can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

In the production of our products, we take care of all aspects that affect the quality of products from the procurement of quality raw materials to the rational use of energy products and preservation of health and the environment.


Development of innovative, natural and high quality cosmetic products that will ensure our customers' loyalty. By continuously maintaining product quality and meeting the needs of our customers, to become be a regional leader in the natural cosmetics market and secure our a place on the Croatian market and in new markets inside and outside the EU.


We meet the needs and expectations of the users of our cosmetic products with the high quality that we achieve through the use of organic products of natural origin. We use all available resources such as raw materials and energy rationally and responsibly, and we pay special attention to environmental protection. We fill and pack our products in environmentally friendly and renewable packaging, taking care of good waste management in order to conserve natural resources.


Our values are our knowledge, ability and innovation to develop and create high value cosmetic products. We use eco-produced cold-pressed oils, essential oil extracts, herbal extracts from our area or which are sourced from the best proven suppliers with proven origins, all with the aim of helping customers maintain their beauty and health.

We primarily fill our products in aluminum tubes so that there is minimal contamination of the product when used, and p. Packaging is recycled, thus reducing the environmental impact of waste and preserving natural resources.

Packaging can be recycled, thus reducing the environmental impact of waste and helping to conserve natural resources.

We are proud of our partnerships and cooperation with all stakeholders based on trust and ethical business.